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COACTEA Achievements and Innovations

COACTEA continues to contribute to the development of a vibrant profession learning community in Canberra through its professional learning initiatives.  A few successful highlights include:

Daniel Smith seminar on 20th August, 2015, was well received and evaluations were very positive.

Prof Murray Print and Dr Rapin Quinn seminar on the Australia-Thailand partnership, held 4/9/2015 and attended by a small group of enthusiastic participants.

 James Anderson PL February, 2016 Developing a Growth Mindset in your Classroom. (TQI approved). The professional learning day was evaluated very highly by participants with many positive comments; and

Professor Murray Print PL May, Understanding the Australian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship. (TQI approved). Evaluations were very positive.


APTA initiatives

COACTEA is an affiliated member of the Australian Professional Teachers Association (APTA).  COACTEA values its role at the national level in terms of advocacy and opportunities to strengthen and create strategic professional partnerships and initiatives.   C. Broadbent and S. Wilson represented COACTEA at the APTA Awards presentation and APTA AGM 2016 held at ACU, Nth Sydney on 4 June.   This was a significant occasion for professional associations in Australia and member associations are strongly encouraged to consider possible nominations for the 2017 APTA Awards. 

APTA AGM discussion included:

·         Discussion related to APTA management and funding models, and State and Territory membership fees

·         The need for APTA to take a stronger advocacy role

·         The role of APTA as a voice for teachers and the profession

·         Presentation by John Bush, Social Ventures Australia

·         Possibilities and benefits of sponsorship arrangements


The next Board meeting is planned for 2nd August.

Member Association initiatives:

COACTEA member associations continue to play an active role in supporting the profession through their members, as highlighted below:


·         MLTA in partnership with AFMLTA is running PL on the Australian Curriculum; 61 teachers and rising.  (5 hours TQI accredited).

·         MLTA mini conference planned for 13th August, 2016.


·         Presenting workshops for schools in Western region NSW. These build on previous work. 


·           Successful SEA*ACT conference in March. Next activity is the National Science Fair.


·           ALEA organised very successful PL on writing; a further one is planned for May. 

·           National conference is in Adelaide this year.  (All PL is TQI accredited).


·           ACEL to offer a number of workshops and presentations. Annual Conference in Sydney incudes an excellent range of speakers.


·           Annual Conference to be held at ADFA on the 20th August, 2016.

·           New Primary Maths Group, organized by CMA Council member.

·           COACTEA sponsored CMA workshop on 30th July.  Presenter: Charles Lovitt on Task Centres and investigative approaches to learning: Task Centres fulfil the Australian Curriculum proficiencies of Reasoning and Problem Solving

·           PL on coding to be held on 11th May and 1st June. Innovative as coding to be included in the Australian Curriculum.


·         11th June 2015 PL Teaching History in the Primary School.

·         2nd March PL highlights from The Eighties: The Decade that Transformed Australia. Presenter local historian and author Frank Bongiorno.

·         17th March National History Challenge and national institution resources.

·         18th May MoADOPH and NMAA - programs and resources. 




Number of participants

Description of PD activity



Adobe Workshop Using Technology



Arduino Board workshop MadMaker

09, 10/09/2015


Computing Conference, Workshops



Planning Forum for InTEACT



Digital Technologies Workshops



Google Summit



Introduce Coding to School, Primary focus



Computing Conference, Workshops


Future Planning

Professional Learning 

·         Joint workshop to be developed by Daniel Smith and Professor Phil Cam for presentation in August 2016.  Focus:  Philosophy for Schools.

·         Robin Davidson to develop a 5 hr module for teachers and pre-service teachers on Commedia dell’Arte.  Late 2016.

·         Primary Arts PL in Drama and Visual Arts. Late 2016.

Links to Indonesian visit 

·         3rd October - Deans and Vice Deans to present a public lecture.

·         Week of 23-27th - Teachers visiting from Indonesia.   Group of 15 teachers to undertake a program of events. 

·         COACTEA Global Education – COACTEA member/ACU lecturer to run a Global Education session. Teachers to attend a lecture with fourth year pre-service teachers. The lecture will focus on global education and sustainability.

·         Indonesian language teachers, as part of MLTA, have established links to government schools, which teach Indonesian.  Coordinate school visits and meetings with local teachers.


All this activity is managed by a hard-working committee faced with a number of pressing issues such as:


·         An increase in professional association membership is crucial to the ongoing growth and future robustness of COACTEA if it is to make a worthwhile contribution to the ACT educational community. 

Financial viability 

·         The maintenance of a secure financial position is an important and significant challenge for COACTEA.  To build funding reserves, COACTEA has undertaken to engage with the broader educational community in the collaboration and development of quality teacher professional development.  While this endeavour is proving fruitful, it is demanding of time and member commitment in, for example, maintenance of the COACTEA website and general administrative task related to participant registration.  It does, however, bring rewards in terms of generating income that supports the ongoing work of COACTEA.

On behalf of the COACTEA Committee, we would like to thank everyone who has been actively involved in the planning and organisation of the various initiatives and general activities undertaken by COACTEA and look forward to working with you again in the coming year.

Report prepared by:    

A/Prof Carolyn Broadbent                    Sue Wilson
COACTEA President  
               COACTEA Vice President

. Last updated 07/08/2016